Friday, August 30, 2013

Tony Robbins: How to reach any objective or goal

How to achieve virtually anything:
1)  Focus on outcomes, not activities or time spent on the project.  Things can take more or less time then anticipated.
2)  Stay strong by staying emotionally committed and focused on your "why"(purpose, outcome).
3)  As there are many ways to accomplish most goals, keep your mind open to previously non-imagined    alternatives.
4)  Never lose sight of you "why" as this is your gas in the engine.
5)  Ask yourself, "What is my ultimate desired result for this meeting/week/year?"  Don't do more then is needed.
6)  Always take action and be proactive.  Stay true to your purpose making no excuses or weaker alternatives.
7)   Rinse and Repeat until success.
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