Thursday, February 27, 2014

Double profits with better ads.

Doubling the effectiveness of your advertising marketing material will double your responding leads.  This is what ads are intended to do.  It's the definition of effectiveness.

Assuming your sales and closing methods remain consistent, the number of leads will directly impact your number of buyers as well.  (from 10 to 20 per month for example).

All this is done without even increasing your exposure (another subject).

After a year, you’ll also have doubled the amount of retained clients simply as the number of monthly buyers increases.  Again, this is assuming your sales, quality of services and retention is consistent.
      (Example:  You retaining 10% from 20 instead of 10% of 10 buyers. Use any number you want.) 

After a year, you have 24 retained clients(2 per month) and 20 one time buyers (44 clients per month) simply by doubling the response rate of people who have already been viewing your ads.  

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Essentially, you went from 10 clients per month retaining one per month= 22 clients after a year to 44 clients per month after a years time.    

Here are a few ways to actually make this happen.

Ways to Increase Ad Response Rate:
            -  Increase the professionalism and quality of your ads, website, and listings(duh). 
            -  Make a stronger offer for the new prospect with a bigger reward for action.
-  Provide more persuasive reasons that speaks specifically to a special group of  people(demographic nitch).  Include community focused messaging.
-  Make it easier for the prospect to contact you.  For example, include the postage stamp for them to answer to mail; Include different ways for them to contact for the offer you either by phone, email, or in person.
-  Provide a risk reversal guarantee.   “Returns or refunds accepted in the first 30 days, no questions asked.”
-  Include convincing and high quality social proof or testimonials whenever possible that speak to the prospect.
-  Correctly format to your ads(will be covered in another post).
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