Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to sell more. ''Sell'' Less!

Value client relationships
This method flies in the face of many sales programs that tell you to get clients to buy $XXXX amount in the first meeting.  There’s nothing wrong with this approach as long as you don’t scare off potential buyers. Oftentimes though, the more reasonable, profitable and consistently successful method is to earn trust first. 

Personally, I’v found that being overly aggressive and trying to make a bank raid on the first meeting isn't always the best approach. Don’t ever try to get your clients to over commit, just concern yourself with over delivering.   The rest will take care of itself. 

To develop your own simple sales plan to get your clients to become lifetime repeat buyers.

Answer these 3 questions:
            1)  How can you make them want to come back again?
2)     What will you present to them to facilitate this? 
3)     How can you make the next purchase both an easy and irresistible no brainer decision for your client?

Friday, March 7, 2014

9 ways to Retain Clients

Increase Client Retention

After you've doubled your marketing visibility and your ad response rate, you can double profits yet again by retaining a higher percentage of clients coming in.

For example, if you increase client retention from 10% to 20%, you go from say 48 to 96 retained clients per year(assuming you have 480 clients total per year).

Add this to your (40) one time buyers per month you end up with 144 monthly clients after your first year. 
                              40(new client/month)    +        96 retained clients/month after 1 year
                               =  144 clients/month @ $50/client=   $7200/month    ($86,400/year)                     

If we want to significantly increase retention, we have to make systemic changes that apply to the majority of our clients.  This means evaluating client satisfaction and making the appropriate changes to our business systems, policies, procedures, and protocols.

Systemize your business to retain clients(details will be covered latter):
o      Tailoring Client experience.
o      Tracking client results and communicating this to the client.
o      Adding related services or products to the ones we already have.
o      Increase the range, scope, or effectiveness of our services.  This is often accomplished by improving our qualifications or abilities.
o      Providing specialty focused services to our nitch clients.
o      Exceed expectations and maintain the highest in industry standards.
o      Hiring staff or associates who are aware and conducive to your business vision.
o      Creating and maintaining relationships with clients from the first meeting.

o      Maintaining a good standing reputation in the community.