Saturday, May 24, 2014

8 Tips I learned about Google Plus in 3 months

I'm revealing 10 things I have learned about google plus in the 3 months that Iv been using it.  Lots of this stuff I found out haphazardly by messing around despite all the "gurus" out there who claim to know so much.

I don't like giving quality info away for free but I'm going to do it now in hopes that other people jump in and add value to my list.  SHARE WHAT HAS BEEN WORKING FOR YOU IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW!

If you have something to share, do it here!  Comment below!  Don't just plus it!

10 tips Iv learned to Goolge Plus Productivity

1)     If you want to find a specific niche of people to follow/get followed by, just enter the keyword under profile work experience.  Enter in your profile that you are a personal trainer.  Then when you go to the people box to the left side of the screen, the google suggestion area will find 1000s of other personal trainers you can connect with.  You can do this to find anybody in any niche.  Chances are the more you follow, the more will follow you.  Then just delete the ones who didn't in a single click with circlescope services.
2)     Use shared circles.  Just type “shared circles personal trainers” in the search box on google plus.  With the search results you can add hundreds of other personal trainers with a single click, many will follow you back.

3)     Not everyone follows you back so delete the ones who didn't.   This is made 100 times easier to do using circlescope.  Circlescope allows you to delete everyone in every circle who doesn't follow you back with a single click.

4)     I usually create a new circle every week.  I name the circle something like "april 1st" so I know in 7 days I'm just going to delete anyone who didn't follow me. I add hundreds of people who I hope will follow back.  When the week is over, I simply use Circlescope to delete all the ones who didn't.

5)     Plus, comment, and reshare liberally on subject matter that you are interested in.  This will increase your visibility for various reasons including the fact that people have programs that track all this stuff and they will follow you if they see you are highly active in (personal training) for example. 

6)     For people who are interactive with you, create a circle for them so you can follow their feeds without getting bogged down with all the useless posts of  people who aren't.  Then when your interactive friends post something, return the favor by commenting and plussing.

7)     If someone leaves a comment, even if its just “lol”.  Reply to it.  Say something like “I didn't know you like cats too”.  This can help get more interaction going on your profile and often develops into real conversations.

8)     Communities are something I'm just starting to use.  I found people are WAY more interactive and interested in a post if you post it in a well populated community.  The good thing is that this shows up on your profile so you look like you are getting lots of interaction on your profile even though it originally took place in the community. 

Conclusion:  I hope this gave you an idea or 2 that you hadn't though of.  If you would like to share to speed up my learning process then please do.

David Mauntz
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