Saturday, May 17, 2014

Knockout Strategy for turning Prospects into Clients

Your reputation on the streets: Business Muscle
Let’s pretend you are a prized fighter in mixed martial arts and you have a premier fight scheduled in 4 months with a $400,000 prize for the winner.  How are you going to prepare?  Are you going to do just enough to get by and emerge with a concussion, a broken leg, and 2 cracked ribs? Or, are you going to prepare is such a way that winning becomes almost an inevitable result? 

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Of course, this is simply a rhetorical question to make a point that just as a fighter can prepare for a fight by building his strengths and exploiting weaknesses, so we can prepare our businesses by building overwhelming proof and reputation. To create a business with serious knockout potential, hit potential clients with a roundhouse flurry and mountains of convincing and unarguable evidence.

If your prospect can say no to you without feeling like they just made the biggest mistake of their life then you're doing something wrong.  Your business, your sales, and your marketing has to be so good, that anyone would literately feel stupid saying no to you.  That's what we are going for.

To get the knockout in the opening round you should have all of these things:
            -     Powerful and numerous testimonials from the community
            -         Eye opening statistics, charts and graphs on your work
            -     Valid references of supporting research
-         Persuasive presentations on your business system and how clients benefit
-         Related pictures of the community profiting from your contribution
-         Thought provoking quotes from authority figures in the community

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