Thursday, September 24, 2015

Demonstrating attentiveness

One of the biggest things you can do to ensure a good experience for clients is to customize the business to their needs. You then need to convey that their needs are important to you.  

Listening and caring can be hard to communicate even when sincere. This is why it’s important to display interest by physically taking notes when others talk. Taking notes during the consultation is a visual demonstration that you are listening, and it reassures them that you’re not pretending.

First begin by asking what they want and why they came to you. Probe in order to discover the emotions behind their visit. Jot down their responses, and make a show of discussing their deeper concerns.

When they state why they came in and their emotions for doing so, paraphrase their words back to them in a similar way to show that you understand how they feel. This is a powerful method to show them that you fully understand their problem and it ensures that you are both working toward the same goal.

If you have a form or questionnaire for clients to fill out upon arrival, don’t march through the questions like it’s a military exercise. They’re clients and should be treated like treasured friends and they should feel comfortable and welcome. Go throught the questionnaire in a natural friendly manner. Allow some leeway for the conversation without straying off point for too long.

I prefer to hand them the questionnaire and help them fill it out when questions arrive. I then take the questionnaire back afterwards and go over the main points that help me identify emotions and convincing data. This gets the job done faster and allows me to spend a some time evaluating their answers. It also allows me to dig deeper into the relevant details behind important questions and information. The key is to show that you care about what the client is concerned about and that you’re going to do everything within your power to deliver the best outcome for your client.
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