Wednesday, November 16, 2016

“If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you,
but your own judgement of them.
And it is in your power to wipe out that judgement now.”
― Marcus Aurelius
Mathematics, if we travel half way twice we should get there.

But when we travel halfway to halfway, we must divide that by halfway again by another halfway, the numbers never end.  In theory, we should never arrive to the final destination.

The past, present, and future flow into each other. Time is just a concept for our minds.  The reality is we are all a part of the same tableau. 
Suppose we observe that the lawn is wet. If it rained last night, then it would be unsurprising that the lawn is wet. Therefore, by abductive reasoning, the possibility that it rained last night is reasonable, although Peirce did not remain convinced that a single logical form covers all abduction.[9] Some other process could have also resulted in a wet lawn, such as dew or lawn sprinklers. Consequently, abducing that it rained last night from the observation of a wet lawn can lead to a false conclusion.

#abductive reasoning Source above wikipedia

"All reason and experience may point to one "fact" but this fact may in fact be fiction"

Its hard to believe in the magic of possibility.  But choosing not to comes with real consequences.  Like the consequences of never having tried, never giving yourself a chance, and never working for something that is worth your effort. 

You might never achieve what you set out to. But don't let your failure happen because you didn't believe.

"Like a sword that cuts, but cannot cut itself; Like an eye that sees, but cannot see itself. The illusion of the split comes from the mind's attempt to be both itself and its idea of itself, from a fatal confusion of fact with symbol."--Alan Watts (The Way of Zen)

“If you want to be a slave in life, then continue going around asking others to do for you. They will oblige, but you will find the price is your choices, your freedom, your life itself. They will do for you, and as a result you will be in bondage to them forever, having given your identity away for a paltry price. Then, and only then, you will be a nobody, a slave, because you yourself and nobody else made it so.”
― Terry Goodkind,

When we suffer an injustice our true self is not harmed. When we commit an injustice we are harming our true self.  It is better to suffer injustice then to commit it.

Evil is simply ignorance.  Evil doing always rest upon a false estimate of goods attained.  Guilt always outweighs the supposed gains.

Scientist: It is not your job to tell me what to do. It is your job to tell me what you know and how you know it. I am allowed to question you and your methods, that is what science is about. Science is not suppose to be a new religion. Thank you.


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