Monday, December 26, 2016

alternate realities

One thing I think about frequently is alternate realities.  What if we had made different choices in our lives? Where would we be?  How would we be different?  Who would we be? 

What if I had decided to live in another part of the world?
What if I had studied a different subject in school?
What if I had never had a child?
What if I had lived more selfishly?
What if I made different decisions with the relationships?
What if I had a different personality?

How would my life be different?  Where would I be?  Would I be happier?  What is happiness and how important is it?  Why do we often sacrifice our happiness for other people's?  Why cant we all just be selfish?  Wouldn't this make the world a fairer place?

Life could easily have gone dramatically different in countless ways.  One little decision here, one different perspective there.  The tricky thing about life is although we can always make a change, we can never undo what we have done.  Fortunatly, we aren't often held to decisions we make for eternity because we can always modify afterwards.  But make no mistake, everything we do now affects the future in an interpersonal world.   The past is written. The present is the gift of choice and is subject to change and open to interpretation. The future is at stake.

There is no reset button.   The future is in your hands.  Today.
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