Thursday, December 29, 2016

Moving on

Love, God, the Universe.  Me...

How do I relate?  Who is God?  Does God exist?  Where does the idea of God come from?  Why is it such a common thought in the human mind?

As human beings we understand that there are many things that are beyond our comprehension.  Life is difficult.  Complicated at times. 

We look to a god.  We understand that its ok to not understand what is happening in this world.  We understand that we have a small role in the Universe, in Time.  With the idea of God we accept that many things are beyond our comprehension.

Things don' have to be logical with God.  We want things to make sense.  Its hard for us to imagine things are just random.  Its hard for us to imagine that things do not have a deeper meaning.  Its why we believe in God.

I do not know if a God exists or if he cares about me or anyone.  But when my life is upside down.  Believing in one is a comforting thing.

God Bless,


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