Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My New lifetime daily challenge

Bonjour and Hello internet world.  Recently my brother died and its making me think about things in another perspective.  I watched a video about doing 30 day challenges and when I got to thinking about my own life, I got to thinking about my legacy. 

What is my legacy going to be?  What will people think about me when I die.  Will they ever have known me?  The real me?  How comfortable am I with sharing my thoughts with the public world?   

To be honest, I often question my own thoughts and beliefs and I wonder what it is I really believe.  But Id like my son and those who know me to know something about me, the real me.  Thats why Im committing to writing something every day for the rest of my life.  If I die, at least my son can read some things I wrote. 

Normally, doing anything for every day for the rest of my life sounds like a big task.  But Im not putting a word count to this goal.  Perhaps I will write a single sentence certain days.  Perhaps I will write pages on other days.  But Id like to talk about something each day.

I find my ideas become clear when I write.  There is something about writing that clears my thinking.  Writing takes longer then talking and this speed change seems to do something to my creative processes and my logical thinking.  I also find it strangely therapeutic in a strange way.

For my first post Id like to simple express the importance of love.  I feel like love is important and perhaps the strange phrase "God is Love".  Perhaps it is true.

Perhaps God is love, but just because God is love, doesnt mean we always are as people.   We humans demand some level of respect from each other, this is why love often isnt enough in many different kinds of relationships.  Its not enough to just love someone, we expect respect. If none is present, it is hard to show the love we would have for them which I believe is the natural state.  When we show no respect to others by harming them or disrespecting them, most people respond by denying this person love.   I believe love always exists and deep down, subconsciously, is still there, but we deny the expression of it.

I believe love is the original condition of the human spirit.  But when we are hurt by someone, we deny this person the expression of love.  When we deny love to someone, this person becomes disrespected themselves on some level and after this point, the process becomes endless. 

Conclusion, try to respect others.  No one is perfect, but respect is crucial.  Because if none is shown the relationship may as well be dead.

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