Helpful Books and Websites for Health Professionals

Iv read dozens of books on business and productivity and I generally don't like reading unless I feel the book is of great value.  That being said, here are my favorites:

Favorite Websites

Favorite Books
Awaken the Giant Within
The Science of Getting Rich
How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success in Selling
Unlimited Power:  The New Science of Personal Achievement
The Emyth
The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
Getting To Yes
How to Win Friends and Influence People
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Think and Grow Rich
The One Minute Manager
The Go Giver
Now Discover Your Strengths
Go Put Your Strengths To Work
Strengths Finder 2.0
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
The Richest Man in Babylon
First Break All the Rules:  What the Worlds Greatest Managers do Differently
No B.S. Sales in the New Economy
Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got

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